Pub Trivia in the Blue Recluse

Two nights ago my guild (mhaugenkind) had a pubtrivia at the Blue Recluse in the mage quarter, sadly many ppl didnt sign or show up, but the few who did had alot of fun!

We started with some general Wow questions where Hagni were really good, we suspected cheating and told him of a couple of times, but he was clearly best when he DIDNT cheat also;)
When we changed subject into instances (f.ex: What is the instance DM (kalimdor) real name?) Agator suddenly started too show himself as a real dungeonmaster!

Agator ended up winning, Hagni on second and myself on third.
We had a blast, even when we got too drunk and started argue about whether or not answers with an extra "ch"  and "...hic!"(due too drunkness) was acceptable and witch dinosaur hatcling were coolest.
I even got puked on by that Hagni and ofc someone started too dance on the table instead of remembering too answer questions!
All in all a fun night at the pub!

Q: Do your guild have social nights?


One person guessed where in Azeroth I was, it was Ghostlands:)
I was bored one morning and explored Eastern Kingdom, and I actually never had been so far north in EA before.

Where in Azeroth am I?

Can u guess where I am?

Pick a guess!

WoW Faction

More quiz... What faction are you?

What is your World of Warcraft Faction? Quiz

The Burning Legion seeks to destroy all life in the universe, no matter the cost.

Q: Whats your faction?

Wow Quiz!

On days when u cba to play wow and are really bored - take some wow quizzes!
I took this quiz on, find out what class you are, I got hunter.
My mains are mage and priest, althoguh my first ever toon was in fact a hunter. The hunter is currently stationed in Wetlands to farm Razormaw hatchlings.

Which World of Warcraft Class Are You? Quiz

Q: If u take the test, what class are you?

What Healers Really Do

I took a picture from our guild website, which one of our healers put out after a raid...
See for yourself... LOL


Monalovesken is a mage, sometimes its good too start the day with a self-esteem boost, especially after dying too many times in ICC last night!


Okay Im poblaby too purple, have too long ears and do a bit more killing than jesus, but I still walk on water while fishing for the ghostfish!

Smoking hot mage!

Monalovesken has a new dress, and looks smoking hot!

Hot ot not?

Lich King pic!

Kravenous tried to down Lich King on friday, unsuccesfully though.
The raid made their best attempt ever though, so the Kingslayer title isnt that far away...

Q: Do you have the Kingslayer title?
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